Eddie / puppaluffagus

Ed is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri where he is President of the Blue Max Cycle Club. Ed is celebrating his ninth year of being a full member of Blue Max. Ed is also the Vice President of Mid American Conference of Clubs (MACC), and Associated Member of the following clubs: Corn Haulers Levi and Leather Club (Des Moines, Iowa), Hoist (Memphis, Tennessee ), Conductors (Nashville, Tennessee), Argonauts (Green Bay, Wisconsin), Rudis (St. Louis), KC Pioneers (Kansas City),.

Ed represented the Mr. Northwoods title in 2017, and is a proud member of the IML class of 2018 where he placed in the top 20. He has traveled to many events throughout the Midwest and Irelands’ Dublin Leather weekend during his title year and he continues to travel frequently to leather events.

Ed actively promotes local clubs by reaching out to people new to the kink community. He believes the community has a lot of other things to offer beyond just kink, such as camaraderie, friendship, and support.

Vice President


Adam lives in St. Louis MO and has been active with Blue Max for 10 years, 3 years as an Auxiliary member and 7 as a full member. 

Adam is proud to serve on the board as Vice President. This is his second time in the position having served for 3 years before. He is committed to sharing traditions and knowledge in a safe and inclusive manner. 

Adam loves being a part of the leather/kink community and has traveled all over the country attending many different leather events. He especially enjoys going to Leather Runs hosted by other MACC clubs. 

Road Captain

Jordan / Puck

Jordan joined Blue Max CC in the summer of 2023 and is very excited to be serving as Road Captain. He became a permanent resident of St Louis in 2019, and met the members of Blue Max shortly thereafter. He hopes to represent the club and the leather community by extending the same welcome he received as a newbie leatherman.

To Jordan, leather represents community, inclusivity, and giving oneself permission to live authentically.

In addition to his work with Blue Max CC, Jordan is a member and social media manager of the Soulard Garden Garden Co-Op. He likes to spend his spare time singing, baking, and playing D&D with his friends.



Adam has been a member of Blue Max for six years. Currently the treasurer, he manages the club’s bank accounts and spending. Previously, he spent two years as Road Captain, organizing the events, fundraisers, and charity work performed by the club.

Adam loves to travel, and has been to leather events across the Midwest, including Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, and Chicago. He is easy to spot at most Blue Max events: just look for the guy in the high-top sneakers!

Adam currently lives in St. Louis, where he can frequently be found supporting LGBT+ nightlife with his friends