August 29th is Ally Day!

August 29th is Ally Day!  Ally Day celebrates the many allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

Allies are individuals who stand up for the equal and fair treatment of people different than them, offer some of the most effective and powerful voices for those who are underrepresented

Allies, how can you support your friends, family, co-workers in the LGBTQ+ community?  (

  • Be an active listener.  Active listening means that you refrain from interrupting, and you give plenty of time for the other person to think and respond throughout the conversation.  You’re not distracted or on your phone, you are focused on what the other person is saying.  You may even restate what they say or ask open-ended questions if the other person feels comfortable with that.
  • Be inclusive.  Creating a community that fosters psychological safety often doesn’t happen overnight.  But it starts with inclusivity.  Celebrate each other’s differences and create opportunities for openness.  Don’t assume someone’s sexuality or gender identity.  Even your words have the power to make people feel included or excluded.  Small changes, like using a gender-neutral term (think “Hi everyone” versus “Hi guys”), can make a big difference.
  • Be willing to have a dialogue and apologize if you make a mistake.  Part of being an ally means being held accountable for your own shortcomings.  If someone has taken the time to call attention to the way your actions have impacted them or others, you should also take the time to reflect on what was brought to your attention and how you can create a meaningful change moving forward.  Identifying the root cause of a mistake can help you explore areas of continued education and your commitment to your allyship.


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