Blue Max Podcast – November 2020

Pre-Covid, Blue Max organized several pup moshes which focused on safety so that pups could relax and fully get into the pup mindset. Blue Max welcomes pups with a new Kennel Club Auxiliary membership status. As part of the announcement of the Kennel Club, Adam sat down with Puppaluffagus and Pup Cerberus to discuss their journey into pup play and what it means to them. Please listen to their stories and experiences within the pup community!

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This past weekend we were honored to participate in the “It’s All Drag” solidarity march against the recent drag and trans rights bans happening across the country.  More to explorer

In November 2022 Blue Max of St. Louis removed its colors from Touché, a venue located in Chicago, following an event which was held on November 2nd that did NOT align with the values of Blue Max. The event held at Touché was in direct violation of these values. Blue Max is committed to promoting a culture of consent, respect, and inclusivity within the leather and LGBTQ+ communities, and we will continue to take action to support this mission. More to explorer

Blue Max Toy Drive – Every Child Deserves to Be Safe and Happy Please help Blue Max gather toys for the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery Kids for the Holidays!  Blue Max will have donation boxes at the following locations  Bastille – 1027 Russell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63104 Prism STL – 4510 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110 Below are the kids’ most wished for toys & their biggest needs, along with some essential Nursery supplies.  Infant–1 year Baby Bottles Baby Wash & Shampoo Baby Lotion Baby Wipes Infant Formula Teething Toys Vtech Phone Musical Toys Pacifiers Infant Socks Toddlers