Announcement of New Blue Max Board

We received the following comment on Facebook a few months ago:
“It is so good to see Blue Max alive and doing well. You are a great representation of the gay community….you’ve had high moments, low moments, really scary moments, really good moments, and you still endure and come out on top. May you continue to do so for the years and decades to come. My best regards and wishes to all of you. You have a great history, and a great future ahead in the spirit of Blue Max CC.”
This post put a tear in my eye. During the last few years Blue Max has grown and evolved. We had to ask ourselves tough question while dealing with our home bar closing, the pandemic and membership issues. We also had some great times such as hosting two fanatic inclusive runs at DawgWoodzCamp and building new relationships while rekindling old relationship within the Leather Community.
I (Eddie W.) would like to thank the 2020-2022 Blue Max Board of Directors for keeping the club focused while dealing with the difficult times, and celebrating the good times. 
With that I want to announce the 2022-2024 Blue Max Board:
  • President – Eddie W.
  • Vice President – Joe H.
  • Treasure – Adam R.
  • Road Captain – Mike P.
  • Secretary – Dan K.

More to explorer

Here are a few pictures from the 2021 Blue Max’s All-inclusive leather run which was at DawgWoodzCamp. During that fun filled weekend we shared so many great times. Some of the highlights were wrestling in a pool of lube, socializing with cigars, drinking delicious cocktails, and watching the spectacular run show with the final performance of “Rain on me” during an impromptu rainstorm. We all had so much fun we decided to do it again in 2023. This year’s run, Stranger Kinks, is based on 80’s culture. The name is inspired by Netflix’s “Stranger Things” which is based in the 80’s.

Our September 2023 Membership Meeting will be on the third Sunday (September 17th) of this month, instead of the second Sunday of the month (September 10th) Blue Max Membership Meeting Sunday, September 17th @ 3:30 PM The meeting will be in person at Prism located in the Grove: Prism4510 Manchester RoadSaint Louis, MO 63110 For those who can NOT attend in person, we will also have a virtual option, which you can find the details below: Blue Max Membership MeetingSunday, September 17th · 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM Google Meet joining infoVideo call link: dial: ‪(US) +1 478-353-5238‬ PIN:

August 29th is Ally Day!  Ally Day celebrates the many allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Allies are individuals who stand up for the equal and fair treatment of people different than them, offer some of the most effective and powerful voices for those who are underrepresented Allies, how can you support your friends, family, co-workers in the LGBTQ+ community?  ( Be an active listener.  Active listening means that you refrain from interrupting, and you give plenty of time for the other person to think and respond throughout the conversation.  You’re not distracted or on your phone, you are focused on what