Announcement of New Blue Max Board

We received the following comment on Facebook a few months ago:
“It is so good to see Blue Max alive and doing well. You are a great representation of the gay community….you’ve had high moments, low moments, really scary moments, really good moments, and you still endure and come out on top. May you continue to do so for the years and decades to come. My best regards and wishes to all of you. You have a great history, and a great future ahead in the spirit of Blue Max CC.”
This post put a tear in my eye. During the last few years Blue Max has grown and evolved. We had to ask ourselves tough question while dealing with our home bar closing, the pandemic and membership issues. We also had some great times such as hosting two fanatic inclusive runs at DawgWoodzCamp and building new relationships while rekindling old relationship within the Leather Community.
I (Eddie W.) would like to thank the 2020-2022 Blue Max Board of Directors for keeping the club focused while dealing with the difficult times, and celebrating the good times. 
With that I want to announce the 2022-2024 Blue Max Board:
  • President – Eddie W.
  • Vice President – Joe H.
  • Treasure – Adam R.
  • Road Captain – Mike P.
  • Secretary – Dan K.

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Blue Max Toy Drive – Every Child Deserves to Be Safe and Happy Please help Blue Max gather toys for the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery Kids for the Holidays!  Blue Max will have donation boxes at the following locations  Bastille – 1027 Russell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63104 Prism STL – 4510 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110 Below are the kids’ most wished for toys & their biggest needs, along with some essential Nursery supplies.  Infant–1 year Baby Bottles Baby Wash & Shampoo Baby Lotion Baby Wipes Infant Formula Teething Toys Vtech Phone Musical Toys Pacifiers Infant Socks Toddlers

After several highly successful local weekend events under their belts, Hoist of Memphis  decided now was time for them to go bigger, better, and wilder than before, with our first official Run which was held at Whispering Oaks the weekend of October 7, 2022 The president of Blue Max had the honor of being one of the judges for the Mid-South Kink & Leather Contest.which was held during Pig Weekend.  Pig Weekend was an action-packed, all-inclusive Run which included Catered Meals, Cocktail Parties,, Cigar Social, Dungeon Play with Demos, Run Games, After Hours Parties, More to explorer

This October (2022) Blue Max had the pleasure to donate $500.00 to Project ARK PROJECT ARK’S STORY: THE NEEDIn 1995, we saw growing numbers of children, youth, and women being impacted by HIV/AIDS in St. Louis, and no voice or community to support their needs. The world of HIV/AIDS services were primarily for men — until Project ARK. THE FUNDINGProject ARK was formed through a Ryan White Grant (Part D) in 1995. Project ARK continues to be the only organization in the St. Louis area specifically dedicated to HIV-positive children, youth, women, and their families. OUR SUCCESSProject ARK was created